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The Goddess Whiskey Experience

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  • Size: 392MB
  • Format: WMV
  • Category: Bondage foot sniffing cbt and tease and denial
  • Date added: 12/31/2020
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Tricked into cleaning his cum offf her sweaty feet

I am back under the feet of Lux stroking my cock and smelling her feet. I am so horny and she knows this.  These feet smell heavenly ripe It takes no time for me to ask her permission to want to cum while being smothered under her big smelly feet. She debates with herself if she should allow me to cum or deny me and lock me back into chastity. She tells me no not yet several times, and I am having a hard time to continue stroking without accidentally cumming. She does decide to let me cum, and she wants it on her feet. You know how this goes, and there will be humiliating consequences.

Pungent Pantyhose

Slyyy works hard all day while her lazy roommate is supposed to be doing all the chores around the house. He can't even do that right, and one he always does is leave unwashed dishes in the sink. Slyyy hates this, and wakes his snoozy ass up for a dose of some ripe, pungent, cheesy, and really wet smelly pantyhose sniffing punishment. he is gagged with a strip of duct tape so he can only breathe her wet hosed feet and toes. She even blindfolds him with duct tape so his sense of smell is higher, and only allows him to focus on the scent while is made to inhale deeply.

Super Ripe sweaty Toes Sniffing

Nothing but the stinkiest toes smothering my face and nose. My mouth taped I can only breathe through my nose and every breath is filled with sweat.

Blue balled Under Olivias Sweaty Feet

So Olivia is apparently happy with my prostrate kissing of her feet wile in chastity. So happy she allows me release from the chastity device. i was throbbing in it, and she wants me to tongue bathe her salty after she went club dancing all night feet. I get to stroke at least, but she instructs me not to cum. i always end up in this situation. She makes me do a very thorough job licking, and my face and mouth taste like her feet. She then has me turn sideways and takes my cock under one foot, while the other is in my face........ Thats all you get ITS GOOD!!!!!! And she loves me right on the edge of orgasm. Even talking with her girlfriend on the phone saying maybe we can have him masturbate in front of her friends..crazy!!!

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