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Pungent Sweaty Feet After Long Day at Work

MMMMmmmmmm Sunshine is back, and her feet smell no nice and pungent. She works several jobs, and wears these flats all day. I don't know what it is about flats, but when a girl has a favorite pair, they make the feet so ripe,There is no escaping the smell with my mouth taped shut, and there is no getting away with my hands taped as well. It is difficult to describe the smell. I guess they are a sweet sharp vinegar smell. Its summer here in Florida, and these feet are just intoxicating. I would love to be free of chastity, and to stroke while sniffing nothing but her sweaty sweet scent. She teases me with the keys telling me if I do a good job sniffing she might let me out while she smears my nose with every part of her pretty feet, and especially between the toes. She sort of ignores me while she goes through her phone, but definitely reinforces that I keep sniffing deeply. She even snaps some pics, and posts them on her twitter. Don't believe me? Follow me on twitter @Beowulf50cal You are going to want to buy some of her socks! i wish you could have been under these sweet stinkers.

Bound and Made to Sniff and Lick 6 Sweaty Feet

Tracy, Star and Ember hold down, bind the footboy under the bed and make him sniff and lick all of their sweaty feet. Poor Footboy =) He struggles and they tell him to sit still because he isn't going anywhere until their feet are all sniffed and licked clean. Ember and Star are barefoot and Tracy wears black stinky pantyhose. He gets individual sniffs and tastes of each of their sweaty feet then make him to worship all of their feet at once, even trying to get all 3 bigtoes in his mouth until they are satisfied and walk out. They return with worn pantyhose ,shoes, and panties and cover his face with their stinky undergarments then celebrate their victory.

My Cruel Stepsister - Scent Injection - ALL SNIFFING - Close up

Featuring Goddess Whiskey

All sniffing close-up. Nothing but the smelliest sweaty feet of my stepsister on my nose after she removes her gold shoes.

Enforced to sniff Goddess Stars Sweaty Feet After Work

Just look at the screen captures! Goddess Star is very skilled at placing the smelliest parts of her sweaty feet under the slaves nose. Mouth taped unable to do anything but sniff.

Ripe Sweaty Foot Sniff and Cock Controlled by Goddess Whiskey

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
So its my turn to be cock controlled by Whiskey. Her sweaty feet on my nose is the absolute best thing in the world. So I remove her shoes and lay under them. She forces me to stroke my cock while I sniff her feet after she has worked a long 14 hour day in these shoes. After being in chastity for nearly a month I am absolutely aroused by this wonderful scent filling my nose. As usual I am not allowed to cum. She instructs me to remove my hands and place them underneath my ass if I feel like cumming. While I stroke, she browses my tumbler page looking at all the perverted images that turn me on. She finds it quite entertaining. I am about to cum, so i place my hands beneath my ass as instructed. This allows her access to lean forward and whip my cock with the riding crop. After some crop licks, she instructs me to start stroking again. She gets pretty controlling, telling me to stroke faster, and faster until I have to remove my hands again so that I don't cum without her permission. again she picks up the crop and whips my now thoroughly blue balls and purple cock. Then its back to stroking again. She makes me stroke slow this time. I can barely touch it, because I am so overwhelmed by the smell. I do the best I can to stroke for her but can't do it. Fed up with my lack of control she instructs me to bend over the table. She then whips my ass with the crop befored sending me away denied of orgasm and my cock throbbing.
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