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Associating Pleasure with the Scent of Smelly Feet

Landlady is back from dancing and she brought her girlfriends pair of pantyhose. Her friend wore them again dancing out with her tonight. These things are super sweaty and really stink, but they make me very's strange. I am completely bound and she rubs the smelly toe ends of the pantyhose in my face. She says she is going to make a footboy out of me one way or another. Telling me she is going to make me associate my pleasure with the smell of sweaty feet. That way I will get hard whenever I smell a womans smelly, sweaty feet. She takes some butter and butters me up for a nice slippery teasing handjob. In order for me to receive her full stroking technique, she makes me sniff deeply inhaling the sweaty pantyhose. She brings me right to the edge and starts teasing me with one finger for a while before finally forcing me to cum as I deeply inhale the pantyhose that are on my face.

Bound Cock Spanking Abusive Handjob To A Ruined Orgasm - PART 1 OF 4

The Femdom Landlady - Featuring Goddess Lillith
DISCOUNTED CLIP OF THE WEEKEND! The landlady has me bound down and starts to stroke my recently chaste cock. I know she is in an abusive teasing mood so I am scared of what she is going to do to me once again. My cock does not agree with her for a minute so she goes and gets some rope and once again binds my cock so tight it feels like its going to fall off. Now that it is to her liking she starts to stroke me so teasingly. It is not long that I am on the edge and ready to cum. I ask her permission and she stops stroking, Then starts slapping my cock around painfully making me not want to cum anymore. Now then she starts stroking and again i want to cum. She starts slapping it again again until I don't want to cum. She starts to get hot so she takes off her top and reveals her lovely tits in her bra. She stands above my face teasing my face with them. She then takes her bra off and smothers my face with her sweaty tits making my cock throb. She starts to stroke me again then I ask to cum. She stops, and starts slapping my cock , tells me "too bad" leaves me there for like 5 minutes ( that 5 minutes is edited out ) Then shes back for more teasing my cock and it is so ready to cum quickly, I ask her again and she slaps it once then goes back to smothering my face with her sweaty tits and reaching forward to stroke and stop again teasing my cock. She really smashes her tits in my face making it hard for me to breathe. Now I am ready to blow and cant control it anymore and I explode with a hands free ruined orgasm while inhaling her sweaty tits. She is not happy about this and starts to smack my balls before finally letting me go

Bound Cock Spanking Abusive Handjob To A Ruined Orgasm - PART 2 OF 4

Bound Cock Spanking Abusive Handjob To A Ruined Orgasm - PART 3 OF 4

Bound Cock Spanking Abusive Handjob To A Ruined Orgasm - PART 4 OF 4

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