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No Escaping from Stepsisters Ripe Week Worn Workout Socks and Feet
Claire is back from working out and has a surprise for her older stepbrother. She turns off the television program he is watching, takes off her shoes revealing some really nasty smelling socks. She attempts to stick them in his face, but he pushes them away with his hand. She then puts a piece of tape on his mouth,and he just takes it off. This upsets her and she binds his wrists together, and puts the tape over his mouth so he can't complain or escape having to smell her stinking socks. She tells him she wore them for a whole week just for him. She then sticks them in his face forcing him to sniff. She totally raunches him until she is satisfied then peels off her socks, and slings them around in his face eventually leaving them on his chest. She then makes him sniff between her sweaty bare toes. One of her feet stumbles upon his crotch and notices that he is getting hard. Claire will eventually turn him into her foot boy, and has more planned for him in the near future.

Bound To Sniff Super Stinky Socks

Goddess Star has been preparing a pair of socks . She had been wearing these for 2 weeks. When ever she took a bath she made sure to keep her feet out of the tub so they bould extra smelly. For the footsluts birthday she makes him sniff them instead of letting all her effort for two weeks to go to waste. These are so so so so so smelly it was unbelievable. She has him bound ,blindfolded and his mouth taped shut so he cant move away and he must inhale the stinky foot and sock odor as he smothers his nose completely with every part of her stinking socks.

Assaulted by Mistys Filthy Stinking Socks and Sweaty Feet

Welcome new brat Misty. She is an exotic dancer/ raver, so she dances quite a bit,and as you will see has very nice tight legs . So I ask her during recruitment that if she can make her feet smelly. She tells me she actually frequently wears socks for like a week. I tell her to bring it on as I like stinky feet. I told her if I resist, there will be duct tape to bind me with. These socks end up being the filthiest things I have smelled. I am slow to sniff and end up getting bound and made to sniff her socks. I am more into sweaty bare feet, but if socks is what you like you will freak on how dirty these socks are. After the first half of the video she removes her socks, and I am so relieved I no longer have to sniff them. I don't get away that easily and Misty hangs them on my shoulders so I can still smell them. She then places her sweaty, damp, and sexy feet on my face. The smell is awesome and I inhale much more obediently, as her feet smell awesomely stinky.

Enforced To Sniff and Taste Sweaty After Workout Socks in Chastity

I thought Dre's pantyhose were ripe. These reeking socks have been clearly worn for several days in a row. They are so soaked with sweat it drives me crazy while my cock tries to grow in the chastity cage. It doesn't help that she sensually drags the crop over my body and swollen balls. She makes me sniff continuously, and my nose is infused with her wonderful sweaty fragrance. After a good while sniffing one sock ends up in my mouth and now I can taste the salty vinegar flavor of her sweat. With one sock in my mouth she places the other on my face and continues her smelly assault of my senses. ALL SOCKS!!!!!

Bound to Sniff Violets Sweaty Socks and Feet in Chastity - Part 1 Socks

For all you sock lovers. Violet went out for a 3 mile jog while she left me cleaning her kitchen. Her girlfriend stops by expecting me, but I was not expecting her. I end up bound and forced to sniff her girlfriends feet and then left bound for Violet. That is not in the video because her girlfriend does not do video, but she was happy to use my face for her sweaty feet. The scene opens here with Violet returning from her jog and finding me bound to the table. I am already covered with her girlfriends foot stink all over my face. Now she makes me smell her sweaty shoes and socks with my mouth taped shut unable to breathe in anything but her sweaty socked feet.
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