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FEMDOM LANDLADY Erection Therapy Ultimate Teasing and Torment - FULL VIDEO

No description Enjoy!!!!

Door Bound Teasing Torment

Featuring Goddess Whiskey


After I was totally raunched by her feet in "Foot breath" she has me bound up on the door. I get a brief teasing view of her in her knickers before she blindfolds me, and ties one of the smelly red shoes on my nose with another pair of smelly pantyhose. She is just having a merry old time laughing at my pathetic aroused state unable to feel any sensations through my chastity cage. She backs her sexy ass up, and does a very sexy bump and grind on my chastity cage as I swell in torment. She digs her toes into my exposed very blue balls, and even whips them a few times causing me to whimper. She makes me inhale the shoe as she turns me around for spanking then back for more frontal torment by pinching my nipples and scratching me with her nails. Then back around for a red ass spanking and whipping. What have I got myself into? This girl is too wicked.

Ultimate Blue Balling Tease and Denial Cock Whipping


I am going to get straight to the point. This slave has been thoroughly beaten, forced to stroke sniffing her pantyhose, made to endure hitachi vibe teasing while sniffing her sweaty workout socks and licking her stinky bare feet. He is horny! She has him now strung up in the garage by one hand, and one hand free. She asks him if he is ready for a splooge? He replys I hope so. He knows she can be quite cruel.Those pantyhose are now on his face with his nose right in the crotch and the smelly toe ends right under his nose. he is getting a double dose of her fragrances. She makes him stroke his cock because a girl with such class is definitely not going to touch it. " I want it right on the edge." "I might let you cum, but if I do, it will be painful" She tells him. Once he is on the edge she binds his other hand up. Now he is all hers to tease, well teasing for starters. She gets the hitachi vibe and works it all over his purple and blue cock. He tells her to he is so close to cumming, but she stops the vibrator and picks up the famous leather cock whip, and beats the hell out of his teased cock. The slave however does not lose erection. I imagine it is the smell of the pantyhose keeping him raging hard. After a good long whipping of it, she returns with a smaller dose of the hitachi vibe, and telling "him not to cum" she soon tires of this and decides to leave him strung up and TOTALLY DENIED!

You Cum When I Say - Cock whipping by Stepsister

Stepsister Claire is as mean as she is cute. Her foot sweat invading his senses Claire continues the association of arousal with her smelly work out feet. She makes him stroke himself in hopes of getting the chance to cum only to whip his cock down so that he can't cum. He is made to stroke more. You can see she really enjoys whipping him again even harder. She gives him permission, but he must stroke some more after the whipping made it go down again. He strokes again and is ready again, He again asks for permission, Claire is tiring of him interrupting her business call she is trying to make, and gives him the hardest whipping yet, then telling him to cum. he says he can't after she beat it so hard. She says you can't cum and lock it back up.

Bound Smothered Teased and Blue Balled Pt 1

Now that my femdom landlady has me in chastity. She is going to dictate when I am to have my orgasms. She tells me that she is going to let me cum but not until she is ready. She rides my face like an amusement ride making me sniff her ass as she expertly teases my cock until it is swollen and purple. Part 1 of 3

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