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Bound and Made to Sniff - IT Guy Can't Escape Ripe CEO Feet

Preface - Mark is a book smart guy and a terrific IT pro, but lacks common sense. He works in a small office and all of the other employees are all pretty cute women. Anyway he frequently has to get under desks to work on their computer systems. When he is needed alot of times the women will get out of his way, and often just kick off their hot heels so they can cool off. Well this It guy has a fetish for smelly feet, and often will comment on the womens pretty feet after he gets done under the desk. Most girls enjoy the compliments, but a few of the ladies think its inappropriate to comment about it. They have brought this attention to the CEO Sablique. The scene opens with CEO on the phone with her secretary, She is looking for Mark, and the girl doesn't know where he is and this makes Sablique mad as hell. She tells her to find him, and send him to her office.Mark is eventually found. Fast forward he awakens finding himself duct tape bound to the desk, pantless with some chastity device locked on his cock. He is is like "what the hell bitch?". She is appalled that he could call her a bitch, and reminds him of where he is. She wastes no time forcefully placing one of her heels between his teeth and making her remove her shoe, and then the same with the other. He is instantly engulfed with a hell of a strong scent from her sweaty hosed feet. He acts like it is disgusting, but he really likes it. What he does not like is being half naked and tied up under her desk. CEO Sablique is quite a freak her self , and actually enjoy teasing guys with her legs and feet. She would like nothing more than to feel a nice refreshing breeze between her toes, and makes him take deep breaths. That is all I am going to tell you, and Mark will find himself in quite a compromising position in order to keep his job. Featuring the 6 foot tall, Size 10 feet Sablique I will tell you this. THE OFFICE TOTALLY SMELLED LIKE HER FEET....SWEET SWEATY FEET!!!!!!

After Work Foot Ripe Pantyhosed Foot Massage and Sniffing

I had just gotten out of the pool after having a few beers . I am just trying to relax when Victoria plops down at the couch. She gives me a hassle about using all the gas in the car, because she was late to work due to the car running out of gas. I try to make up some excuse. I truly forgot to put gas in. She demands a foot massage, and puts her RIPE smelly hosed feet in my lap. I don't feel like massaging, but I start to as she is not going to take no for an answer. I am lazily massaging her foot, and she is not impressed. To give me some motivation she sticks her other ripe foot in my face and forcefully makes me smell it. I just get intoxicated further from her ripe hosed feet, and actually doing an even poorer job massaging.

Claire sends foot boy to executive friend Kendra

New Young lady Kendra =) All day worn smelly sweaty pantyhose. My taped mouth. Nothing but smelly air to breathe. The girl is REAL executive and is on her feet all day.

Hot Sweaty Hard Working Toes - Pantyhose Sniffing

Misty has arrived home from working hard all day. She broke her heels so she had to wear her old smelly tennis shoes. I bet that looked really silly. I don't know what the deal is with pantyhose but they really absorb sweat from a girls feet and they are really strong. I think whoever invented pantyhose had a smelly foot fetish. I am just used as a tool for her damp hosed feet. She wraps my mouth as well as my eyes in duct tape. My nose is getting a good raunching with each sniff. She loves the feeling of my sniffing between her toes providing her with a cool sensation on her tired hard worked feet. The smell is very vinegar like with hints of corn chips or popcorn. She gets pretty turned on as well and masturbates to a loud moaning orgasm as I suffer under her ultra smelly soles covering my face.

Another Pair of Extra Ripe Hosed Feet - Part 1 of 4

Part 1 of 4.This takes place after the video Extra Ripe Hosed Feet. After Goddess Angela smothered him with her hosed feet after dancing at the nightclub. Lillith is now home from dancing as well. Angela has the pedestal set up for the both of them. Lillith is looking gorgeous in her fishnets. They call the slaveboy into the room. Lillith has him take off her ripe heels she has been dancing in all night. She makes him put them up to his nose and smell the inside of them. After he gets a nice sniff of each of them she wants him to massage her feet. He starts to massage her fishnet hosed feet. Shortly after he starts massaging she tells him to remove her fishnets with his mouth. He succeeds at removing each of her sweaty fishnets with his teeth and they are both laughing at him. He returns to massaging her ripe bare feet and Angela uses his face for a fuzzy footrest while he works on Lilliths stinkers.
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