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Ripe Socks Sniff turns into Cock Punishment

Kendra comes back from working out and finds footboy laying on the floor next to the couch. If you saw her previous pantyhose video "Claire sends foot boy to executive friend Kendra" you would have seen her telling him to stay there until she got back from her workout. Any way he explains the couch smelled like feet. Kendra is upset but, is okay with him being on the floor as she plans to assault his face with her not so fresh wet ripe socks after her run. These things are really wet and damp and the room is filled with her smelly scent. He doesnt even notice that she is swinging his chastity keys around her finger. He notices "you have my keys" You don't think Claire would send him to Kendras without him being locked up in chastity. Actually Claire did not lock him completely up. Instead of attaching the cage portion to the cock ring behind his balls, she puts on one of the smaller size rings that come with the chastity kit. By placing the ring in place of the cage, it actually traps his balls between the ring squashing them quite tight and any stimulation gives him swollen blue balls. Kendra wants to see the predicament he is in and has him remove his pants. Kendra loves it but tells him he is not getting unlocked. She sits downs and removes her tennis shoes and places her ripe damp wet socks on his face. These socks are way more overpowering than the pantyhose if that is even possible. THEY STINK!!! Claire had mentioned to Kendra feel free to torture his cock and balls and that is just what she does. While she smothers him with her socks and then her bare feet she makes him stroke his cock to the brink, then commands stop stroking once his cock an balls are swelling. She slaps his balls with the riding crop while continuing to smother his face. Once again she tells him to start stroking slow, and he does, but eventually he starts to rapidly stroke his cock, as he has not been allowed to cum in some time. I guess he thinks he could get a orgasm as his cage is not completely locked up. This is pissing Kendra off, so she beats his balls harder, but he keeps on stroking. Harder and harder she beats his balls until he can't take anymore and takes his hands away. Kendra is pissed and grabs his cock between her feet and beat his purple helmet with the riding crop until she is satisfied that he is sorry for stroking uncontrollably.

Released from Chastity and Made to Sniff and Stroke

Back with another video with the cutest brat Claire. As you know Claire has been keeping her stepbrother under control by keeping his cock locked up in a chastity device. Whenever she wants chores done or just wants a foot massage he quickly complies with her wishes/ She is back from another work out, and is happy to see the bathroom is clean as she requested. She calls him over and he kneels in front of her. She gives him his chastity keys so he can release his locked up cock. She tells him to stroke his cock as she rubs her smelly socks around his face. Then she makes him smell her ripe toes and soles while he continues. She tells him that he must ask if he wants to cum, while she swings around this little leather collar thing. He has been trained quite well to associate pleasure while smelling her feet. She lightly kicks his balls around playfully, then resumes back to her cell phone while he strokes..Her feet just a foot away and the fragrance up his nose he asks for permission to cum. Part 2 is above video.

Stepsister Makes Stepbrother Sniff Sweaty Feet and Stroke then Denies His Orgasm

Stepsister calls over brother from doing chores and demands that he lay on the floor and remove his pants. He is hesitant saying "you are my stepsister" She responds "I don't care". She puts one of her smelly bare feet in his face while toying with his dick with the riding crop. She tells him" You keep denying that you like my feet, I am going to make you like them,and the only time you are going to play with your dick is when my feet are out. You are going to have to associate fun time with my feet time" She tells him to sniff and to start stroking his dick. He gets hard real quick to her delight. "Such a good stepbrother" she tells him as she smothers him with her sweaty after workout bare feet. He deeply sniffs and she keeps one foot on his face while starting to playfully tease his swelling purple head with her toes. "Stroke faster, but don't get too excited , you are not allowed to cum" She says. While he continues to sniff her smelly feet and stroke she pulls out a chastity device showing it to him. "See this? This is what I am going to control you with. You are not going to be allowed to cum unless you do my dishes, make my bed, vaccum the floors" She makes him sniff harder and slow down his stroking. He is not sniffing to her liking ands tells him "BREATHE HARDER!" while she starts to whip his cock head while he strokes. She wants that odor to have a brainwashing effect on him. While he about to cums she makes him stop and take his hands away denying him. She places both feet on the base of his cock so she can get a good grip while she slaps his cock with the riding crop." You look like you are having too much fun, and getting a little too excited. I think it is time to show you how this device works. Stand up" she barks! be continued 

My Cruel Stepsister - Blue Balls on the Rocks

This scene takes place after the video " Blue Balls Therapy - Tease and Denial - Hung from his balls ". She had left me bound by my balls and went for a nice long walk in her gold shoes so they would get nice and sweaty. Here is where the scene opens. She calls me in and ask me how my balls are feeling, and if I still want to cum. She then tells me to lay down on the floor with my head near her feet. She tells me she has decided to let me masturbate. Sounds great to me! I lay down and she removes her gold shoes and places a steamy foot on my face. I start to stroke and I knew it was coming. "You can stroke all you want but Don't cum" she tells me. Her feet smell so good after the brisk walk she took. It is not long before I am ready to cum. I ask permission and she tells me no. I stop stroking for a while as she continues smothering my face with both of her moist sweaty soles and toes. She then allows me to stroke some more, and it is not long again and I am ready to cum. She then makes me stand up. She goes to the kitchen returning with a casserole dish full of ice cubes and water. She places it on the floor and tells me to lay down and put my dick in the icy cold water. I hesitate briefly before she pushes down on my ass, forcing me to submerge my teased cock and balls into the cold water. As soon as I am fully submerged she starts to whip the hell out of my ass with the crop making me keep my ass down while it feels like my cock and balls are going numb from the cold. " Do you still want to cum? " she asks me. Excellent under foot camera angle.

Boss Violet makes Mailboy to Stroke and Tongue Bathe Her bare Sweaty Soles

The mailboy has been called to the office of Violet. Violet is head ceo of the company. Apparently one of the other ladies in the office caught him sniffing her shoes ,but did not approach him. Instead she informs Violet though a phone call. Violet confronts him about it and he admits to it not wanting to lose his job. He promises her to do anything she wants if she does not fire him. She makes him strip and kneel at her desk with his face right near her dangling heeled feet............
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