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Forceful Workout Socks and Ripe Feet Turns into Tongue Bath

Featuring Victoria
Victoria wore these socks for 3 days and they smell amazing. I act resistant and this just make her more forceful with her rubbing of her feet on my face. Completely covering my face with the scent of her damp ripe sweaty feet. She is still not satisfied with my sniffing, so she makes me stick out my tongue so she can drag her sweaty feet over my tongue getting a tongue bathe. After thoroughly having my mouth used as a foot cleaner she shoves one of her socks in my mouth.

Door Bound Teasing Torment

My Cruel Stepsister featuring Goddess Whiskey
After I was totally raunched by her feet in "Foot breath" she has me bound up on the door. I get a brief teasing view of her in her knickers before she blindfolds me, and ties one of the smelly red shoes on my nose with another pair of smelly pantyhose. She is just having a merry old time laughing at my pathetic aroused state unable to feel any sensations through my chastity cage. She backs her sexy ass up, and does a very sexy bump and grind on my chastity cage as I swell in torment. She digs her toes into my exposed very blue balls, and even whips them a few times causing me to whimper. She makes me inhale the shoe as she turns me around for spanking then back for more frontal torment by pinching my nipples and scratching me with her nails. Then back around for a red ass spanking and whipping. What have I got myself into? This girl is too wicked.

Cleaning the Floor While She Torments my Ass

My Cruel Stepsister featuring Goddess Whiskey
After the whipping I get busy cleaning the floors as I do not want to upset her anymore. She comes in and teases my welted ass with a riding crop and digs her heels into my red cheeks tormenting me while I work. She admires my well marked ass and teases my balls. She tells me I am doing a good job, then makes me remove her shoe and kiss her foot and thank her, and tell her I will always do as she says.

Hogtied to Sniff Whipped Ballbusted and Waxed by my Stepsister

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
As you know I have been secretly enjoying my stepsisters smelly feet, smelly hose, and what ever I can find when I am not in chastity. I guess she has been leaving her stuff lying around on purpose so that I will get myself into further trouble. She has me hogtied and I am completely unable to move, and unable to touch myself. She has my face buried in a bunch of her worn hosiery, smelly socks, and even panties giving me a scent treat. I can't touch myself so it is pure torture. As if that were not enough she comes in and sits on my back, then sticks her dirty smelly feet in my face. She tells me that I am not to be enjoying her smelly feet, and that it was suppose to be punishment for when she first caught me sniffing her mom's panties. I hate when she beats me and she knows this. She makes me sniff her feet and whips my ass red with her favorite little leather collar/strap. Then she reaches between my legs and gets a good hold of my balls. She squeezes them tight and then begins to slap my balls with her hands causing me to scream in pain. This is just too much for the camera girl and she is laughing as she films my stepsister punishing me. After several hard slaps to my balls she then lights up a candle and drips hot wax on my balls and in my ass crack making me scream some more. This is some serious punishment that I do not want to get again. She really enjoys herself beating me senseless so please do not buy this video!!!!!! I don't want this to happen again!!!! Where the hell is mom and dad?

Sniffing and Licking Stepsisters Sweaty Armpits

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
Pretty self explanatory. My stepsister has just awoken and is checking her email and listening to some music. I am on my way to the bathroom when she stops me. She tells me to come over and kneel down. She raises her arm and tells me to smell her sweaty armpit. I do as she says cause that's the only choice I really have. After a couple minutes of smelling deeply she tells me to lick it. It's not exactly as good as her feet, but at least she's not beating my ass.
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