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Sniffing Stepsisters Week Worn Sweaty Stockings In Chastity

Featuring 6' 1"  Amazon GODDESS Luxliv3s

Well I been in chastity for a couple weeks, and I am so damn horny. My goddess stepsister Lux has been out of town for some music festival and wore these ugg stlye boots. These are not in my opinion summer type shoes, unless she planned to work up a ripe pair of nylons. Well she is back, and I know what is coming. She always wants her feet sniffed and worshipped. She knows all boys like it, regardless of them not admitting so. She tightly ties my hands behind my back with duct tape, and makes me get get down on my knees next to her shoes.There is no escape. I can smell them already, and she has not even taken them off. She takes one off to have me smell. I am hesitant, but she just jams my face in there. Wow these things are so pungent, and are making me throb in the chastity. She gets the shoes off, and leans back on the sofa, and tells me to get my nose in her pantyhose toes, and start sniffing. ." I been wearing these a week" she tells me. I am bitching right away as these stockings fucking are soaked with her sweat, and are so ripe they make my eyes water. She informs me if I ever want to be released from chastity that I better do a good job smelling her stockinged feet. That silences my complaints, and I go full force with my face and nose into her feet sniffing loudly and just smearing her stinky feet all over my face with lots of enthusiam!

These Beautiful Size 11 feet smelled so good!

Stepsister Locks Stepbrother in Chastity

Stepsister puts me in chastity then informs me that I shall be locked up for two whole weeks.

Cleaning the Floor While She Torments my Ass

After the whipping I get busy cleaning the floors as I do not want to upset her anymore. She comes in and teases my welted ass with a riding crop and digs her heels into my red cheeks tormenting me while I work. She admires my well marked ass and teases my balls. She tells me I am doing a good job, then makes me remove her shoe and kiss her foot and thank her, and tell her I will always do as she says.

Door Bound Teasing Torment

Featuring Goddess Whiskey


After I was totally raunched by her feet in "Foot breath" she has me bound up on the door. I get a brief teasing view of her in her knickers before she blindfolds me, and ties one of the smelly red shoes on my nose with another pair of smelly pantyhose. She is just having a merry old time laughing at my pathetic aroused state unable to feel any sensations through my chastity cage. She backs her sexy ass up, and does a very sexy bump and grind on my chastity cage as I swell in torment. She digs her toes into my exposed very blue balls, and even whips them a few times causing me to whimper. She makes me inhale the shoe as she turns me around for spanking then back for more frontal torment by pinching my nipples and scratching me with her nails. Then back around for a red ass spanking and whipping. What have I got myself into? This girl is too wicked.

Sweaty Foot Worship and Humiliating Foot Hump

Featuring Goddess Whiskey


Sweaty foot worship, Forced masturbation, Tease and Denial, Cock bashing and Ball busting, Foot humping, and Humiliation.

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