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My Cruel Stepsister - Blazing Ass Strapping - Over The Knee

 Featuring Goddess Whiskey
I am going to need a new ass soon if this keeps up. To make a long story short; my stepsister found some porn web pages in the computers history. She does not take kindly to this, and its over the knee time for me. She beats me harder and harder with her new strap as I whine and try to make excuses for her findings. She ain't buying it and destroys my ass. She leaves my already sore ass nice and red, and I promise never to look at porn again.

Over The Knee with Spatula Shoe and Hand

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
I fucked up and got my ass tore the fuck up by Goddess Whiskey. She even made me bury my nose in one of her stinky flats while beating me. 6 foot tall girls can create some leverage

Double Blonde Bikini Belting Beatdown


Featuring sisters Ember and Ashley

They are true sisters and totally BRUTAL. The more they beat the foot slaves ass, the more turned on they get for each other. 2 belts are flying almost all the time as they beat his ass. When they are not beating they sensually drag the belts around on his ass and between his legs teasing him. They promise to let him masturbate after the spanking if he takes his punishment he has a choice.

My Cruel Stepsister - Over The Knee Ass Destruction with the Hairbrush

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
She breaks the brush several times while beating my ass. Whats worse is that is does more damage, and she just keeps on going and going and going hitting me harder and harder.

Miss Allegra Thrashes footslaves Ass with a Huge Belt

Allegra had phoned the slave and told him to be in his room assuming the position. She arrives home frustrated with the traffic,and the lack of air conditioning in her car. The slave was supposed to fix it for her, but has not done so due to the parts not arriving yet.  No excuses just a hard cropping first. Lots of sensual teasing from the riding crop on the exposed slave. He is cropped down until he falls flat on his stomach, and then she produces a huge leather belt. With this belt she thrashes his ass until it is all blotchy with welts. Riding Crop, Leather Belt Whipping, Chastity, CFNM
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