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Another Pair of Extra Ripe Hosed Feet - Part 4 of 4

Tongue Bath for Violets Sweaty Feet Close up

In thanks for the orgasm and just because she wants to. Violet puts me back to work worshipping her sexy bare feet. She really adores the attention and instructs me all through the video. Great Sole angles

My Cruel Stepsister - Worship My Feet In Thanks

 With my ass still bright red, she makes me kiss and adore her sexy feet in thanks for the discipline she just dished out. She basically ignores me while she goes through her text messages on her cell phone. I was so turned on by worshipping her feet and kept looking up at her sexy long legs. I wanted to stroke so bad but the heat of my burning ass reminded me that she still had the crop quite handy at her side. EXCELLENT CLOSE-UP VIEW

Worship The Hottest Stinkiest socks and bare feet of Goddess Whiskey


Featuring Goddess Whiskey - Whiskey has settled in on the couch after some working out and power walking. She calls the footslave in and has him kneel with his hands behind his back. She binds his hands firmly behind him and sends him towards her sneakers at the end of the couch. She makes him get close to the couch, and she uses his head to pry off her sweaty shoes. He is immediately assaulted with the smelliest pair of ankle socks he has ever smelled!! He was suppose to do Laundry as one of his chores..He didnt do it, so Whiskey picked a pair of the most stinky ones and wore those for todays workout figuring this would teach him a lesson. She commands him to put his face in them and he is hesitant. Again she tells him to put his face in them. He tells her "they are nasty" She grabs the duct tape and tells him "I don't have the patience right now, when I tell you to do something you have to listen!!!" She then rips off a piece of tape and slaps it over his mouth, leans back on the couch and presents both of her stinkin socks to him. "Go!" she says. He leans forward and takes a big sniff then backs up and wrinkles his face and coughs from the fumes coming off her socks." Keep your face in there or I am going to beat your ass" she tells him as she picks up her riding crop. He sniffs some more. "I know you love them, I worked out so hard to get this smell. Big whiffs" she tells him as she rubs the socks all over his nose as he inhales through his nose. She teases him more with the stinky socks and humiliating dialogue before removing her socks. She places them on his head and tells him to keep them there. A nice stinky socks hat. She is so sadistic and creative. Now its some sweaty bare feet sniffing from her heels to in between her toes as he suffers and complains through the duct tape. She constantly teases him with more dialogue. Finally she removes the tape from his mouth to give him a treat. Guess!!! Time for a nice licking and tongue bath for both of her stinky sweaty feet. And he licks and cleans her size 12 feet every where possible leaving her soles shining.

Submit to their Sweaty Stinky Feet Part

Featuring Goddess Whiskey and Princess Kitty

He went to the bar for some drinks. Whiskey and Kitty went to the club for dancing and drinks. So everyone is a little bit tipsy. Goddess Whiskey calls the foot slave in. He comes in acting like a fool and they can hardly believe it. Kitty asks "Are you drunk?" He replies."I had a few drinks". Whiskey first asks him to kiss and worship her high heels. Kitty sits back impatiently waiting her turn. He removes Whiskeys heels and she wiggles her long sweaty toes around in front of his face. He massages her feet a little before he willingly puts his nose right between her sweaty toes without her even asking him to. She asks him how they smell. He tells her sweaty and smelly before he smothers his face in all of her toes inhaling her sweet foot fragrance. Kitty even complains about Whiskeys smelly stinking feet. Whiskey tells her to shut up because Kitty's are just as bad. Its a great way to see how these girls really act when tipsy or should I say not act. They are truly royal bitches no need for acting. The look on Kitty's face while she waits her turn is priceless. She is pissed and bored as Whiskey uses the foot slut. Kitty really wants some attention from the foot whore and she sits back and pouts until Whiskey tells her to take off her heels and get her feet up there in his face as well. Now kitty is smiling. She tells him to lick all of their sweaty toes starting from left to right. He licks them and they laugh like hell. Whiskey and Kitty both make him stick out his tongue and lick all of the stinky sweat from off their heels, soles, and especially between their toes.

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