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Enforced to sniff Goddess Stars Sweaty Feet After Work

Just look at the screen captures! Goddess Star is very skilled at placing the smelliest parts of her sweaty feet under the slaves nose. Mouth taped unable to do anything but sniff.

Ripe Sweaty Foot Sniff and Cock Controlled by Goddess Whiskey

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
So its my turn to be cock controlled by Whiskey. Her sweaty feet on my nose is the absolute best thing in the world. So I remove her shoes and lay under them. She forces me to stroke my cock while I sniff her feet after she has worked a long 14 hour day in these shoes. After being in chastity for nearly a month I am absolutely aroused by this wonderful scent filling my nose. As usual I am not allowed to cum. She instructs me to remove my hands and place them underneath my ass if I feel like cumming. While I stroke, she browses my tumbler page looking at all the perverted images that turn me on. She finds it quite entertaining. I am about to cum, so i place my hands beneath my ass as instructed. This allows her access to lean forward and whip my cock with the riding crop. After some crop licks, she instructs me to start stroking again. She gets pretty controlling, telling me to stroke faster, and faster until I have to remove my hands again so that I don't cum without her permission. again she picks up the crop and whips my now thoroughly blue balls and purple cock. Then its back to stroking again. She makes me stroke slow this time. I can barely touch it, because I am so overwhelmed by the smell. I do the best I can to stroke for her but can't do it. Fed up with my lack of control she instructs me to bend over the table. She then whips my ass with the crop befored sending me away denied of orgasm and my cock throbbing.

Sensory Overload Under Stepsisters Sweaty Feet

My Cruel Stepsister featuring Goddess Whiskey - I like to masturbate so much, and I think my stepsister is starting to get a kick out of it, or at least she gets a kick out of making me teasing and deny myself. She has my head completely covered in duct tape except for my nose. She sits at the computer while I lay down with my head under her sweaty feet. She makes me deeply inhale her feet while I am allowed to stroke my cock, but I must ask for permission if I need to cum. She really grinds her feet forcefully all over my nose. I swear every part of her foot passes by my nostrils at least ten times. I'm getting excited right away from the smell of her sweet scent. I ask her for permission to cum,and she tells me "No and I must put my hands at my side". I do as she says, and she continues to rub her soles and toes over my nose. Her feet smell so good and my cock is just bobbing and throbbing. After a minute and a half she allows me to resume stroking. I stroke for another minute as she rubs her feet on my nose more, and I am ready to cum again. This is driving me crazy and I want to cum badly. This time she makes me stop stroking for two minutes while the smothering of my nose continues. I resume stroking and inhaling her sweaty scent, my mind is getting overloaded after being denied several times. Its only been fourty five seconds and I ask again for permission to cum. She tells me to stop, but I can't take it anymore. I get in two more strokes and shoot my load. She doesn't mention anything about it, but I know my ass is going to pay dearly for disobeying her direct orders.

My Cruel Stepsister - Footrest for Stepsisters Smelly Soles

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
Not long after receiving the blazing ass strapping that left my ass totally on fire, she calls me back in. She wants me to lay on the couch with my face near her feet. After I position myself she places her smelly soles on my face, and tells me to not to lick them, and just breathe only. She watches some television and ignores me but keeps moving her feet all over my face smothering my nose with her toes and just giving me a nice teasing sniff as she uses my face as a footrest. She smiles in delight at the power she has over me. "You know you want to lick them don't you? ...well too bad!" she tells me. She is now quite aware of how to totally control me with her sweet scented feet, and she is going to enjoy tormenting me constantly.

Stroke While Sniffing her Sweaty Tights

 Featuring Goddess Whiskey
It has been three weeks locked in chastity and my dick is so hard it feels like it could break the chastity open. My stepsister agrees to let me out of the cage so that I can stroke my cock on the condition that I smell her feet while doing so. I have grown to love the smell of her sweaty feet and they smell like heaven to me so this sounds great to me. I lie under her sweaty tights deeply inhaling her heavenly smelling feet while I proceed to stroke. After a minute of stroking she ties up my cock super tight with one of her striped stockings. She tells me "maybe that will keep you from coming". Now I am concerned...keep me from cumming?, I think to myself. I thought she wanted me to stroke so that I would be able to orgasm. She tells me not to cum without asking her permission and now I see that getting off may not be as simple as I had first thought. With her sweaty feet smothering my face I approach orgasm. I ask permission and she makes me stop stroking and put my hand at my side. She then starts to slap my swollen cock around with the riding crop. This stings like hell and is making me very uncomfortable after being so close to orgasm. "Maybe I should lock you back up in chastity she threatens me". I knew she was going to beat me in some way o another. After some nice smacks she asks me if I still want to cum. "I tell her yes",and she allows me to start stoking again. I resume the stroking while her smelly feet smother my face completely and I am just loving it. She then makes me stick out my tongue and start licking and tasting her sweaty feet. Tasting her delicious feet while stroking is sending me to the edge of orgasm again. I feel the need to cum so I ask her once again for permission. Again she tells me to stop stroking and proceeds to smack my cock harder than the last time as well as smacking my blue balls. Again she asks me if I want to masturbate and I tell her yes despite the pain she is inflicting. She lets me resume again and she really is rubbing her feet roughly on my face as I sniff and lick. Again I feel the need to cum and ask for permission. This time she makes me go get a candle. I then lie under her feet again and start sniffing her feet. She lights up the candle and drips hot wax all over my teased cock and balls. She doesn't stop rubbing her feet on my face while I lick them and she continues to drip hot wax until I agree that I do not want to stroke anymore. I should have known there was going to be some price to pay. FUCKING CRUEL!!!!!!!
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