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COCK CONTROL - LESSON 11 - Bare and Sweaty
Back for more control? Be sure to obey!!!!

This Pov masturbation instruction is cruel and only for ADVANCED STROKERS!

To Cum or Not to Cum - After Work Sweaty Dirty Foot Tease
The lovely Princess Kitty is tired from working all day on her feet. She does not feel like giving you instructions. She knows what you want to do and she gives you permission to stroke while she reads her book. You will be stroking at whatever rate you wish while she teases you with her sole and toes. She waves her sweaty smelly feet all around in your face. You get some great close ups of her dirty stinky feet. She peeks at you from time to time while she reads. She knows when things are starting to get difficult for you and puts down her book to put some oil on her feet. She makes them nice and slippery and teases you with a foot job foot pose. Whether or not you get to cum or you get denied. It is strictly Kitty's decision!

Gambling for your Orgasm 1

Featuring Victoria
You know you love having a hot girl control your cock right? Well here is a new hot female with such a pretty face and playful attitude. She has been working out in these socks for 3 days and they are ripe. She removes her shoes and teases you with her smelly socks at first then removes them to reveal her oh so sexy pink soles. She makes you continually stroke the whole time. She knows how you want to rub your hard dick all over her soles and between her toes. She repeatedly starts to give you a count down to cum, but never finishes. Oh well I guess you are just going to have to gamble and see. Will she let you cum or leave you hard and dripping. It is her TOTAL decision. Good Luck!

Don't You Dare Cum - I Own Your Orgasm

Omg!!! Back with a Princess Kitty Orgasm Control Video. She takes you to the brink of orgasm, and keeps you there while she makes you lick her soles and suck on her toes . . Her control is ruthless. When she gets you to the brink of orgasm she makes you keep on going, but doesnt allow you until she says!!! FUCKKKIIIINNNNNGGGG HOTTTTT!!
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