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You Better not Even Think about Cumming
This is hot!!!! You can clearly see the the sweaty areas of her soles as she makes me stroke. First she just wiggles them around in front of me, while I stroke. She calls me closer and then starts to super sensually tease me with her toes. She tells me to put my hands on my head if I feel like I am going to cum. When I do this she grabs gold of it with her feet and teases it after I got it right on the edge. Her feet are beautiful!

FEMDOM LANDLADY - Take him to the Edge and Smack him Down

The landlady is determined to make a footboy out of me. She makes me sniff a pair of pantyhose she got from one of her lady friends. It's weird because I was not turned on when I had to worship my landlady's smelly hose and feet. This pair really smells strong and they are making me very horny and aroused. She strokes me to the edge of orgasm over and over. She demands that I ask for permission when i need to cum. Every time I ask permission she stops stroking and slaps the hell out of swollen cock. Then she repeats this over and over before finally leaving me right on the edge and totally DENIED!!!

My Cruel Stepsister - Sweaty Foot Worship Tease and Denial

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
Once again I find myself completely bound at the mercy of my stepsister. As I can tell she is in one of her playful teasing moods, and I am once again thinking she is just going to torment me. Knowing I love her precious foot scent she kicks off her infamous gold flats and sticks a sweaty bare foot in my face. I get a whiff of her smelly bare foot and it is just heavenly. The problem is for the first half of this video she has my cock and balls locked in chastity. She keeps letting me enjoy her foot while she teases and smashes my swelling blue balls with her other foot. I get a little taste of her foot and I am just going wild. She lets me out of the chastity cage and starts to tickle my cock right under the head with her sexy french pedicured toes. This is driving me wild and I want to stroke my cock or at least have her help me out in some fashion. She helps me out by unlocking my chastity and gives my swollen teased cock and balls a pedal pumping style foot job/tease. She presses my cock against my stomach and gives me just enough pleasure to drive me insane, but not enough to get me off while I enjoy her wonderful smelly feet.

Smelly Blue Pantyhose and Blue Balls Therapy

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
Goddess Whiskey thinks that it is a great idea to make him associate the smell of sweaty feet with his pleasure. Footslut is all to familiar with this torment. With his ankles, cock and balls, and right wrist bound he only has one free hand to stroke with, and that wrist is tied with a piece a rope that Goddess Whiskey holds. First she makes him stroke while holding one of her super smelly gold flats over his nose. He is not allowed to cum without asking for her permission. Only a few minutes and he is ready to cum from only smelling her shoes. He asks to cum and she pulls his stroking hand away with the rope that is attached to his wrist forcing him to deny himself. Now she starts to laugh and smother him with her sweaty pantyhosed feet that have been worn in her gold shoes. THESE THINGS SMELL!!!!!!! After a brief period of no stroking she allows him to begin again. He keeps getting bluer and bluer as she repeatedly denies him then makes him continue stroking over and over. When he is throbbing and not stroking she toys with his purple cock dragging the crop so teasingly hot all over his sensitive parts. Nothing too harsh mostly slow dragging of the crop over his chest, cock and balls. There is an occasional cock spanking with the crop. She just loves to torment him while he is right on the edge of orgasm. After a while she removes her pantyhose and smothers them forcefully into his nose with her feet. He is so ready to cum and now she makes him lick her smelly bare feet and toes while he strokes some more. Footslut knows that he will be denied again and he is right. After he gets a good taste of her feet he asks permission once again and she denies him one final time tying off his left hand to the foot of the couch and leaves him there with swollen cock and balls.

Long tease and denial Part 1

The landlady just loves to give me blue balls. The problem is I keep cumming without her permission. She has by cock tied tight as hell with pantyhose. My hands bound behind me and my legs bound as well. This time she is going to be sure to keep me hard and on the edge for a long time and never let me cum. She gives me teasing strokes to my swelling cock and fat blue balls. She removes her panties and puts them on my face so that I can sniff them while she strokes. She is driving me crazy keeping me right on the brink. I ask to cum and she releases her grip and leaves my purple cock throbbing for a few seconds. The aroma of her worn panties invades my nose making me so fucking horny. I beg for her to stroke me some more. Now she just uses two fingers. This is just enough to feel good but no way am I am going to cum because she is not giving my cock any pressure. She then adds some more slippery hand lotion and begins to use her whole hand again gripping me tightly. I feel the urge to cum again and I ask for permission. She then releases her grip and now she uses her one finger to tease my throbbing cock. She then starts to slap it around lightly making it bob around. She is really enjoying this too much. She again starts stroking me very slowly making a ring with her thumb a index finger. I am going crazy. I ask to cum again and she says no and stops again. She knows this is about where I would cum accidentally. She then gets some more lotion and when I say more I mean it. She pumps a handful of the lotion and slathers my swelling cock completely. Now slathered up, she laughs and begins giving me full grip strokes, but this is not doing much as the lotion is taking away all friction. Eventually I ask to cum again and She stops stroking and says NO. She laughs and continues watching her movie. This went on for almost 3 hours and she never let me cum.

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