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How Bad Do You ant to Lick My Feet and Smell Them

Goddess Whiskey spent all day in these sexy sexy ass hose. She is waiting for her girlfriend to come over and pick her up so they can go out dancing, but has a few minutes to tease and torment me. She sticks one heeled foot in my face and makes me lick it clean in order to get the privilege of sniffing and tasting her sweaty feet. While I lick and clean her heel, she allows me to stroke my cock while she steps on my blue balls which are bound in a leather cock ring device. She loves this device and usually has me wearing it when I am not locked in chastity. Finally she allows me to take off her shoe and she smears her scented foot in my face. She commands me to sniff deeper as I stroke my cock and she gets more vigorous with the squishing of my blue balls with her other heel. The scent is driving me crazy and I ask for permission to cum, She tells me "No" as she usually does to me. I take my hand away from my cock in order to stop myself from cumming without permission. I focus on worshipping her hosed sweaty foot while she continues to squish my balls. I am almost ready to cum from her heels squashing my balls, when she takes her feet out of my face and her heel off my balls ending my tease, leaving my balls denied, my mouth full of the flavor of her sweaty toes, as well as my face smelling like her feet. Hot!!

My Cruel Stepsister - Sniff the Smelliest Pantyhose locked in Chastity

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
Once again my stepsister has a wonderfully smelly treat for my senses. This is the last time I will see her before she goes out of town for a whole week for a fashion show in France. So she's got me locked up in chastity and she wants to give me a nice sniffing infusion of her sweaty hosed feet. I love the smell of her sweaty feet it is just amazing! She removes her industrial dancing boots that she wears to her favorite club all the time. She reveals these oh so sexy thick style pantyhose. They are very thick and almost like socks. Well these things being so thick have really absorbed some serious sweat. She rubs them all over my nose making sure I sniff every part of her foot and especially between her hosed toes. I am in foot heaven until my cock starts to grow inside the chastity tube. I am all squirming around trying to get some friction going on in the chastity and that just makes it worse. She sees me squirming then takes one of her feet and stomps on my crotch telling me to stop squirming. She keeps teasing me about how I am going to be in chastity all week editing her videos and smelling that wonderful foot scent of hers deep in my nose. Before she leaves she plants both of her sweaty, stinky hosed feet on my face and makes me take 10 super deep sniffs of her feet while she counts them. I can still smell it NOW! and it has been 4 days.

Strict Foot Worship Bound Beaten to Clean Nasty Hose

Featuring Lillith
The slave is tightly bound and blindfolded. Lillith is not fucking around. She first wants these sweaty hosed feet well sniffed and then thoroughly tongue bathed in his mouth. The whole time his mouth is working overtime sniffing, licking and cleaning her hosed feet. She beats and teases his cock with the crop the whole time making sure she has his full attention. She makes him so hard constantly teasing it, and he can't do anything but suffer her strict cock teasing and discipline. Eventually she shoves her feet deep in his mouth to get them deep cleaned before stepping on his swollen cock with both her feet full weight and walking away.

Sniff Allegras Sweaty Hosed Feet and Blueball Himself

Allegra commands the freshly disciplined red assed footslave to kneel at her feet. She knows how he loves her wet sweaty hosed feet. He would just devour them if allowed. She gives him two choices. First is to be unlocked from chastity, allowed to stroke, sniff her feet ONLY, but not permitted to cum. The second choice is he stays in chastity, and he can sniff, lick ,and taste her sweaty wet hosed soles while he throbs in chastity. He chooses to sniff and stroke despite knowing that she will not allow him to cum. Allegra's favorite color is Blue and for a reason! Blue balled Boys! 

Bound to Sniff Kittys Sweaty Work Pantyhose in Chastity

So after getting me back in chastity and sending me to wash my face after the poor attempt to please her orally in the video.  She berates me more telling me she is going to get me a blow up pussy online, and make me lick it for 7 hours a day since she is so busy, and she can't train me on her. I see she has put on her sweaty work pantyhose. I thought her bare feet were the best, but her hose are clearly the strongest smelling. She makes me hold her feet and sniff deeply with my mouth taped shut. I inhale the sweet aroma for a while before she decides to applys the remote vibrator to my chastity cage, and clicks it on.Now I am really swelling in the chastity from the vibrations and can't do a damn thing about it. She then ties my hands behind my back. I then lean back and she rubs her stinky hosed feet on my nose. She She tells me I better get used to the chastity cause I am never coming out. She rubs my face more completely smothering my face telling me I am going to be locked for at least 2 months!!! HOT VID!! Kittys Dialogue is TOP NOTCH BITCHY and IN CONTROL!!! So hot you could just listen to her and get off. 
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