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Erection Therapy Sniffing Stinky Nylon Feet

Featuring Goddess Lillith

Before leaving for her office job in the morning Goddess Lillith let the footslave out of his chastity device for good behavior. she had him locked up for 2 weeks. He had most of his house chores done and she decided to give him a day off. Later that day she arrives home from work. The first scene opens with footslave sitting on the floor in front of her. She had requested a foot massage from him and she doesnt wan't to hear any lip from him about how stinky her sweaty nylon feet are. She had promised not to make him sniff as long as he does as told and does not complain He starts massaging her sweaty nylon feet. The smell is really really strong and as usual he starts to grimace and make faces at her while massaging her feet. That was enough to make her mad so she tells him to stand up and strip. Next scene he finds himself bound to the end table and laying beneathe her feet. She was going to let him off easy with just a foot massage, but since he complained now she is going to make things difficult for him. Now he will be forced to sniff her feet and later bathe her nylon feet with his tongue. She even makes him stroke his pathetic cock while she makes him sniff her hot feet but does not allow him to cum. She is trying to change his attitude towards smelly feet, making him associate the scent of her feet with his arousal. Quote directly from the video "From now on every time you smell my stinky feet you are gonna get hard"!!!!!!! 

My Cruel Stepsister - Masturbate Foot Tease and Ballbust - Ruined Orgasm

Featuring Goddess Whiskey
I had been locked back into chastity after 25 minutes of smelling her sweaty feet in the video "Her Little Toy". I was so fucking close to orgasm when she denied me. This scene opens with my stepsister doing some web surfing. She calls me back into the room while I am cleaning up the kitchen. She knows I want to cum badly, so she has me kneel next to her. She takes the sweaty red pantyhose that she earlier rubbed all over my face earlier, and ties my head up with them. She takes special care to make sure that the sweaty smelly toe ends of the hose are hanging right under my nose. She unlocks the chastity device and tells me to stroke my cock while I kneel inhaling her sweaty hose hanging right under my nose. She loves to tease me with her smelly feet. If i need to cum I must ask her for permission. The smell is so strong and its not long before I am ready to cum. I ask her permission and she makes me stop and move my hands away from my swollen cock. She thens starts to tease my cock with her shoe clad feet. She kicks my cock and balls and pushes my cock against my stomach while she giggles at me. She ask's me "how bad do want to cum" I beg her to cum. She then makes me turn around with my ass facing her. She grabs the strap off the table and starts to smack my ass hard as hell while she continues to ask me if I want to cum. After she amuses herself spanking my ass briefly yet firmly she makes me turn back around and resume stroking. This time she kicks her feet up on the desk and kicks off her gold shoes, so that I can smell her stinky bare feet as well as the hose under my nose while I continue stroking. Now I am total humiliated and stroking my cock and trying to smell her feet like a on all fours. I am ready to cum again, so I ask for permission. She makes me put my hands behind my back and this time she starts to abuse my cock with her bare feet. She pushes my cock up against my stomach and I try to lean forward to put pressure on my cock from her foot. I feel I can manage to orgasm when she pulls her foot back and starts kicking my cock and balls around some more. Again she pushes my foot against my stomach and I try to hump her foot in hopes that I will get enough stimulation to orgasm. She again pulls her foot away and I start to cum without her foot even being on me. So I got a ruined orgasm. She laughs and pushes my face down into the filth and makes me clean up the mess.
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