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Kendra First Cock Whipping for Footboy

Well it appears Claire has informed Kendra of all the fun things in advance of my arrival to service her smelly feet. One of Claires favorite things to do is to get me all extremely hard by sniffing her feet then whipping my cock. So this starts out with a point of view shot of Kendra working over my cock with her feet after she had smothered my face with the sweat and stink. She teases my cock with her feet saying "you think you are going to cum? I have other plans" She tells me to stand up and stroke in front of her and get it nice and hard. While I am doing this she is slapping the infamous leather collar penis whip in her hand. When she thinks it is hard enough the whipping begins. Kendra does not want it hard and wants to slap it in until it is limp. My cock is not agreeing to this and just stays hard, so she just starts whipping it harder and harder. Finally it hurts too much and starts to soften, but Kendra tells me to get it harder, so she repeat the process. She clearly is taking quite enjoyment of this new found torture activity. She looks turned on to me.
Please do not share my videos on any user groups, tube sites. I take pride in providing you with truly legit smelly foot worship. All feet are stinky and it costs money to pay these girls. So again please don't share. Enjoy!

Ripe Socks Sniff turns into Cock Punishment

Kendra comes back from working out and finds footboy laying on the floor next to the couch. If you saw her previous pantyhose video "Claire sends foot boy to executive friend Kendra" you would have seen her telling him to stay there until she got back from her workout. Any way he explains the couch smelled like feet. Kendra is upset but, is okay with him being on the floor as she plans to assault his face with her not so fresh wet ripe socks after her run. These things are really wet and damp and the room is filled with her smelly scent. He doesnt even notice that she is swinging his chastity keys around her finger. He notices "you have my keys" You don't think Claire would send him to Kendras without him being locked up in chastity. Actually Claire did not lock him completely up. Instead of attaching the cage portion to the cock ring behind his balls, she puts on one of the smaller size rings that come with the chastity kit. By placing the ring in place of the cage, it actually traps his balls between the ring squashing them quite tight and any stimulation gives him swollen blue balls. Kendra wants to see the predicament he is in and has him remove his pants. Kendra loves it but tells him he is not getting unlocked. She sits downs and removes her tennis shoes and places her ripe damp wet socks on his face. These socks are way more overpowering than the pantyhose if that is even possible. THEY STINK!!! Claire had mentioned to Kendra feel free to torture his cock and balls and that is just what she does. While she smothers him with her socks and then her bare feet she makes him stroke his cock to the brink, then commands stop stroking once his cock an balls are swelling. She slaps his balls with the riding crop while continuing to smother his face. Once again she tells him to start stroking slow, and he does, but eventually he starts to rapidly stroke his cock, as he has not been allowed to cum in some time. I guess he thinks he could get a orgasm as his cage is not completely locked up. This is pissing Kendra off, so she beats his balls harder, but he keeps on stroking. Harder and harder she beats his balls until he can't take anymore and takes his hands away. Kendra is pissed and grabs his cock between her feet and beat his purple helmet with the riding crop until she is satisfied that he is sorry for stroking uncontrollably.

MY CRUEL STEPSISTER - Naughty Stepbrother Disciplined

She has told me that I will now be doing not only my household chores, I will also be doing hers. One of her chores is to keep the kitchen and floors clean. She comes home and finds the kitchen and floors a complete mess. She makes me strip nude, and reminds me of the footage she recorded on her laptop which actually turned out to be her moms panties! I Fucked up big time! She then destroys my ass with a thin leather strap. Ouch!!!!

Week Worn Panty Sniff and Smother for Stepbrother in Chastity

Claire wore her panties for 1 week! She dances all night in them one last time before coming home all hot and sweaty every where. This includes her crotch, and that is just what she is going to smother her stepbrothers face with while he is still locked in chastity and frustrated. He struggles a little, but knows if he ever wants out of chastity he just better sniff her damp ripe panties, and anything else she wants him to do.

Kendras Cock Control for Loser Footboys - Cum Countdown

Kendra knows you like smelly wet socks and sweaty feet after she has been working out. She gets your pants off and gets you kneeling right up close to her moist socks and feet.She thinks you are such a loser for liking smelly feet, but she is willing to control your stroking rate while she teases you with her damp ripe socks. Her socks come off and she gets you spitting in your hand and jerking it faster and faster until her oh so cruel countdown.

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