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Made to stroke and Sniff CEO Sabliques Smelly Feet and Sweaty Ass after Workout

So if you saw the video "Bound and Forced - IT Guy Can't Escape Ripe CEO Feet " then you know what this about. If you didn't see it you should get it first. CEO has told the IT pervert to show up at this hotel. He does not know what to expect, he just wants to keep his job as does as told. Sablique has timed her workout to end just before his arrival, and now it is going to be more intense sniffing. He gets his cock free of chastity but not completely and sablique leaves these rings on his cock and balls. She then makes him lay on the bed where she can make him sniff and stroke while smelling her even smellier feet after working out. After she makes him get himself good and hard, she moves onto a very intense sweaty crotch smother that leaves his face buried in her lovely ass, and almost unable to breathe. The faster he sniffs the faster he is allowed to stroke. he gets so close, until hops off of him. With nothing to sniff his stroking must end.

Pungent Sweaty Feet After Long Day at Work

MMMMmmmmmm Sunshine is back, and her feet smell no nice and pungent. She works several jobs, and wears these flats all day. I don't know what it is about flats, but when a girl has a favorite pair, they make the feet so ripe,There is no escaping the smell with my mouth taped shut, and there is no getting away with my hands taped as well. It is difficult to describe the smell. I guess they are a sweet sharp vinegar smell. Its summer here in Florida, and these feet are just intoxicating. I would love to be free of chastity, and to stroke while sniffing nothing but her sweaty sweet scent. She teases me with the keys telling me if I do a good job sniffing she might let me out while she smears my nose with every part of her pretty feet, and especially between the toes. She sort of ignores me while she goes through her phone, but definitely reinforces that I keep sniffing deeply. She even snaps some pics, and posts them on her twitter. Don't believe me? Follow me on twitter @Beowulf50cal You are going to want to buy some of her socks! i wish you could have been under these sweet stinkers.

After Work Foot Ripe Pantyhosed Foot Massage and Sniffing

I had just gotten out of the pool after having a few beers . I am just trying to relax when Victoria plops down at the couch. She gives me a hassle about using all the gas in the car, because she was late to work due to the car running out of gas. I try to make up some excuse. I truly forgot to put gas in. She demands a foot massage, and puts her RIPE smelly hosed feet in my lap. I don't feel like massaging, but I start to as she is not going to take no for an answer. I am lazily massaging her foot, and she is not impressed. To give me some motivation she sticks her other ripe foot in my face and forcefully makes me smell it. I just get intoxicated further from her ripe hosed feet, and actually doing an even poorer job massaging.

Bound Teased and Cock Whipped to Ruined Orgasm

This one has got it all. CFNM, Bondage, Denial 4 times + 2 Denials from previous videos, Ripe Nylon sniffing, Ripe Nylon Tongue Bathing, Handjob, One Finger Stroking Torment, Smothering, Balls Smacking, Cock Smacking, Ruined Orgasm Cumshot. AWESOME!!!!!!
  • Size: 189
  • Format: WMV
  • Category: Bondage foot sniffing cbt and tease and denial
  • Date added: 08/28/2016
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Kendra First Cock Whipping for Footboy

Well it appears Claire has informed Kendra of all the fun things in advance of my arrival to service her smelly feet. One of Claires favorite things to do is to get me all extremely hard by sniffing her feet then whipping my cock. So this starts out with a point of view shot of Kendra working over my cock with her feet after she had smothered my face with the sweat and stink. She teases my cock with her feet saying "you think you are going to cum? I have other plans" She tells me to stand up and stroke in front of her and get it nice and hard. While I am doing this she is slapping the infamous leather collar penis whip in her hand. When she thinks it is hard enough the whipping begins. Kendra does not want it hard and wants to slap it in until it is limp. My cock is not agreeing to this and just stays hard, so she just starts whipping it harder and harder. Finally it hurts too much and starts to soften, but Kendra tells me to get it harder, so she repeat the process. She clearly is taking quite enjoyment of this new found torture activity. She looks turned on to me.
Please do not share my videos on any user groups, tube sites. I take pride in providing you with truly legit smelly foot worship. All feet are stinky and it costs money to pay these girls. So again please don't share. Enjoy!
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